Hey Queen!

I'm Tiffany Wynn

After spending the first 4 years in this industry using tactics and methods that did not feel good to me or bring me results, I switched things up and watched my business explode. In less than 2 years, I personally brought in over 200 women to my team and built a multiple 7-figure social selling empire! And now I'm super passionate about helping other women grow their businesses using systems, strategy and soul. The methods I use to recruit and grow my team are simple but clearly effective and the best part -- it's all organic and genuine. No cold or "hey girl, how have you been?!" messages required! In this Masterclass I'll be sharing the exact strategy I used to keep my inbox flooded with women coming to me wanting info about joining my team.
  • Mindset and energy behind becoming a recruiting rockstar

  • How to build influence and attract more people

  • Creating content that will connect with a wide variety of people

  • Where, when and how to share the business opportunity

  • Types of content that get people off the fence and into your inbox

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