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Tiffany is Pure FIRE!

Qualla Ketchum

"Before I found Tiffany, I was sooo insecure in myself and my abilities. I had no confidence at all and was so unsure of everything. After finding Tiffany's podcast and working with her 1:1, my confidence has SOARED! I'm speaking out of strength & confidence in what I have to offer the world instead of out of fear. You need Tiffany Talks in your life.

Thank you for giving us permission to what feels good for us!

Rosa Hoadley

"Since I started implementing all of the things you've been putting out there, I've gone from literally no interest to my inbox full! It is so amazing!"

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  • How does this work?

    This membership is intended to make growing your network marketing/social selling business convenient and simple. Each week you'll receive a new training episode directly to your private podcast on Saturday. Tune in to the episode, soak in all the goodness and then go apply it to your business to help you glow and grow. Connect with other queens in our private Facebook group for even more magic!

  • What will be covered on the podcast? What will be different between TCC and the free Cash In On Confidence podcast?T

    TCC is like Cash In On Confidence on steroids. It's the master or pro level of CIOC. I'll be diving deeper and providing more specific and specialized coaching on this podcast. This podcast will also feature monthly topics sharing tips on strategy, systems and soul work including things like: branding, sales strategy, recruiting psychology, leadership, etc. You'll listen to each episode and have a specific game plan on what action to go implement in your business. Each episode will build on the next so you'll grow your confidence and have a clear roadmap to follow.

  • What kind of coaching is included in the membership?

    All members will receive one podcast training episode each week. But I love a good unexpected surprise so who knows if there will be bonuses here and there. If there is any specific resources referenced during episodes, those will uploaded to the member's portal here on this site. You'll also have access to our private Facebook group where Tiffany will be regularly active so you can ask questions, share wins and collaborate with other members. VIPs will also receive a LIVE Monthly Q&A Call with Tiffany!

  • Where do I listen to the podcast episodes?

    You'll receive an email upon enrollment with super easy instructions to upload the podcast to your preferred player or listen directly from the Hello Audio website.

  • If I enroll with VIP, when is the LIVE Q&A Session?

    The date/time of these Q&A Sessions will vary each month to give the most amount of people an opportunity to join live. You will receive an email at the beginning of each month with the date and time. Replays will be available in your podcast app within 48 hours.

If you are a stylist in Tiffany Wynn's direct downline at Closet Candy Boutique, please complete the following form to be enrolled into The Confidence Collective: https://bit.ly/ccbtheconfidencecollective.
***Please Note: Closet Candy Boutique is not affiliated, involved or in collaboration with this offer or Wynn Media LLC in any way. This is intended to be an additional training resource to help you grow your business and does not contain any form of recruiting to a competing company or opportunity. This is not a replacement for or in competition with any resources, trainings or support provided by Closet Candy Boutique or your team leader.
As an Independent Stylist of Closet Candy Boutique, Tiffany Wynn and Wynn Media LLC, is not soliciting, encouraging or making any effort to influence in any other way your enrollment in this membership or any other programs or offers. It is your sole decision to enroll and participate in this training.